TRUMP: God-King

    by Austin Washington

    From the author of "the best book ever written about the Father of our Country", The Education of George Washington, comes TRUMP: God-King, guaranteed, again, to make readers "literally fall off my chair laughing" while, for a second time, imparting George Washington's recently discovered secret for success. In fact, TRUMP: God-King might, again, become "one of my favorite...books".


    President Trump decides to kidnap the Queen of England to impress a blonde internet blogger he has a crush on. Laugh out loud funny, TRUMP: God-King is the funniest serious book of the decade, and the most serious comedic book of the millennium*.


    If Douglas Adams met Kurt Vonnegut and George Washington in a multiverse-wormhole, and together wrote a fictional book about Donald Trump with more truth than most nonfiction, you'd probably end up with something very much like TRUMP: God-King.


    You could wait for that to happen. Or you can read TRUMP: God-King now.



    "Your [first] book is still one of my favorites"

    "[The Education of George Washington] made me laugh out loud while teaching an important lesson"


    *thus far


    You must put in 0 (zero) in the place where it says "Name a Fair Price"
    Maybe twice!

    Thank you Roof Top Reviews for pointing this out :D


    TRUMP: God-King


    TRUMP: God-King is the second book by best-selling author Austin Washington. The book cover looks like it must be pro...or anti?!...Trump.


    But you can't quite tell which.


    TRUMP: God-King, in fact, makes readers scream with laughter when reading on airplanes–it’s been tested–so, careful. Weirdly, it also promotes values that can make everyone great, with a more electrifying expression of the unique panache for which Austin Washington's The Education of George Washington became "one of my favorite books" for readers around the world, had a PBS show dedicated to it, and generally rocked.


    TRUMP: God-King reveals–for a second time–George Washington's recently rediscovered secret that will make you a hero for our times. Also, in a Douglas Adams meets Kurt Vonnegut kind of way, the fictional Donald Trump kidnaps the Queen of England to impress a blonde internet blogger, triggering an inter-dimensional struggle to save our planet. Read it before you get sucked into another universe where TRUMP: God-King might not be available–or might be true!



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