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Amazon Shadow Bans Controversial New Trump Book

Amazon follows Facebook and Twitter's Lead, Shadow Bans George Washington Heir's Controversial New Book Comparing Trump with George Washington

Trump God King Kindle Edition
Trump God King Kindle Edition

Following Twitter and Facebook’s lead, Amazon has started shadow banning books it doesn't like. The **print** and Kindle version of the controversial new satire TRUMP: God-King, Part One ‘Don & George’, by acclaimed author Austin Washington (“The Education of George Washington”), which is published by nonprofit George Washington Foundation, was scheduled for release 22 August. However, emails directly from Bezos’ office demonstrate the deliberate shadow banning of the print edition of TRUMP: God-King. This is the first known case of Amazon's new virtual book burning policy, and particularly ironic as TRUMP: God-King is a satire, a subtlety apparently lost on the Washington Post owner.

Amazon Shadow Bans Trump God King
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Each book published in America has its own ISBN number assigned to it by Bowker, Inc., the U.S. nonprofit designated to prevent abuse, hoarding, or even profit-making from the exclusive barcode system used by publishers around the world. Billionaire Bezos has found a way to abuse Amazon’s monopoly power by seizing control of the ISBN number assigned to The George Washington Foundation’s new book TRUMP: God-King. Amazon's illegal usurpation of Bowker's authority effectively makes the printed version of TRUMP: God-King unavailable on Amazon’s platform (although the Kindle ebook version remains available, as of this writing.)

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The George Washington Foundation (a nonprofit dedicated to promoting politically neutral traditional American values of political restraint and personal autonomy,) has been told it is free to publish TRUMP: God-King on other platforms, but has learned that Amazon’s virtual monopoly was enforced directly by Bezos's private office. Bezos’ personal email address is a well known deus ex machina of last resort for victims of Amazon’s growing monopoly power across its various platforms. Personal emails from The George Washington Foundation’s chairman directly to Jeff Bezos were acknowledged by Bezos' employee Henry Bauer, who responded on 8 August: “I expect to have this fixed for you soon, and will reach out to you tomorrow, Friday August 10, with an update.”

Despite the well reported Silicon Valley style work habits of Amazon executives and employees, August 10th and 11th passed with no further information, as had been promised, nor were requests for further information answered. [UPDATE: 4 days later, still no response, despite numerous and repeated requests.] Yet TRUMP: God-King's unique ISBN number remains blocked for use across Amazon’s entire platform.

TRUMP: God-King author Austin Washington says, "I used to think Amazon was better than Google, whose motto 'Do No Evil' always struck me as if a fraternity had the motto 'Commit No Rape'–why, precisely, do they feel the need to say that? But evidence of the deliberate theft of TRUMP: God-King's ISBN number directly from Amazon chief Jeff Bezos' office, effectively making this controversial new satire unpublishable in print form, shows that Amazon's motto should be 'Do as much evil as you can get away with.'"

Acclaimed author Austin Washington continued: "As George Washington well knew when he set the precedent to step down voluntarily from the United States' Presidency, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Despite the fact that I hate big government, and disagree with President Trump on many issues, maybe he's right that the Federal government needs to seize the de facto monopolies of the public square, Google, Twitter, Facebook–and now Amazon–to stop them destroying the very foundation upon which our country is based, freedom of speech and thought."

Kindle ebooks do not need an ISBN, thus Amazon hasn't yet figured out a rationale nor method to "shadow ban" the Kindle version of TRUMP: God-King. Please go to for most recent information about TRUMP: God-King's availability.

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